Dear Readers,

It seems that the past few years have been all about change and reviewing my priorities. Certainly this is normal, especially as a parent. Kids and their needs change a lot in the first few years of their lives, so it makes sense to re-evaluate how you are using your time. With a baby or toddler, it is as much about survival as it is about making plans.

In addition to parenting changes, the changes in my job situation have been considerably fluid, especially after 11 years with the same employer. Since August 2010 I have been fully unemployed, unemployed with part time teaching and design work, employed at a 40-hr job with part time design and teaching work (2.5 yrs), and now employed at a 40-50hr job and barely doing as much design work as I would like (1.5 yrs).

My job status isn’t the only piece to the puzzle, but it is a significant one. As we head into 2016 I am hoping that it is a piece that will stay stable for a while. I am doing more fulfilling work at this job with more significant responsibility, but making time for design has been more difficult. I still enjoy the design work, and it still feeds a part of my creativity that is different from architecture. But when I go through periods when I am working 50-55 hours a week, Structured Stitches gets squeezed out. And for reasons beyond my control, there were several long periods like that this year.

What I have decided for now is to let go of the marketing piece of this work. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to blog or tweet or post in rav forums…but I find that the pressure to do those things is holding me back from design work and adding time constraints that isn’t helpful. It’s making me feel like I’m not living up to my promises to myself because I have no spare energy to write.

I suppose the point is that I don’t want to give up designing just because I don’t have time to convince knitters and crocheters to buy my designs or connect with you on my blog. Of course I LOVE it when my designs are bought and shared on ravelry, and I love sharing my ideas here. But I am having trouble devoting the time to getting my designs in front of more eyes and working to get people here. And it is hard to know if my slower sales this year are a result of less marketing, poor release timing, fewer releases, less advertising, or all of the above. For right now, I want to give myself permission to not worry about it, and to focus on the patterns rather than the marketing.

TL;DR There probably won’t be many posts here in the coming months, and any posts I do make will be super short. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for occasional updates and anecdotes. I’m “Pghamers” in both places, and on ravelry if you want to see all of my patterns.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


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Designer - Knit, Crochet and Architecture
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